Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Photos 5th Day of NFE

We handed out 46 certificates of completion last Friday.
I think we are all lucky to have all these wonderful people working for the OCD.

This is the final presentation of the waitstaff service participants. They are doing a mock dinner service.
business as usual for Ma'am Chato
there are chocolate cakes
chocoloate-strawberry cake
plain chiffon
cut and fold is a serious business

and so is the piping of icing
at hindi ako makasingit
so I joined the rest of the student assistants who showed me naman how to roll that fondant icing
oh. there's also the ube cake. lahat yan gawa ng mga participants natin.
lahat yan. lahat lahat.

by this time, maaga nilinis ng mga wait staff service participants ang mga gamit nila para all set na for the awarding of certificates at 4PM.
Tapos na din ang mga cakes.
And our men proceeded to make the graduation merienda: Pizza from scratch.
This is me with the wait staff service participants. They have better prospects ahead.

We handed 46 certificates of completion.

this is Erlyn delivering her valedictory address. Sussyal deba?
Still at the graduation ceremony
Ma'am Marilyn Quintana, Assistant to the Director for Non-Formal Education of the UST OCD, is our guest of honor.

Some Photos 4th Day of NFE

The wait staff service participants switch classrooms with the baking participants. Kelangan daw ni Ma'am G ang kanyang bar :) for the bartending part of the course. Ma'am Chato proceeded to give her lecture at the food lab. At home siya dito.
Faculty volunteers for the day are Ms. Arnelyn Torres, Ms. Marella Ada Mancenido, Ms, Christine Cabigao and Ms. Regina Policarpio. Ms. Racquel Layco and I are mainstays.

For lunch, we just bought a barrel of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I also made everyone Carbonara with raw eggs, panchetta and pecorino. My way of thanking everyone for their support. Masaya kaming lahat.

Ma'am G dictates the concoction while the wait staff service participants take down notes.

Happy hour at 9AM!

In the afternoon, the baking class steamed siopao, fried doughnuts and empanaditas.

Some Photos DAY 3 NFE (Courtesy of Patrick)

The 3rd day began with dropping and popping of cookies. The food lab smelled of Christmas! This is the day that the bakers made fruit cake. and chocolate crinkles. See those cracks?
Chocolate chip cookies! Saraaaap! I swear I had to taste all four group's finish products even if I'm on a strict diet, just to make sure no group gets tampo at me.

The 3rd day's HRMS student assistants! They're all gorgeous like me, no?

This is Kristian. We all call him Chef Roq : ) Another promising student. I taught him to read poetry in Lit102 class, and then he taught me how to make Champagne Trufles. (He did on Thursday, when our schedule is more relaxed. Thank you, Chef Roq )

The faculty volunteers for the day were Sir Pio Castillo,
Ma'am Carines Alejandria and Sir Robert Arenas.

At the wait staff service class, the participants were taught to skirt buffet tables. Our student assistants in this class are Karen and AE.

And our course facilitator for the day was Asst. Prof. Elizabeth Guevarra.

Fold away!

The faculty assistant who volunteered for this class was Ma'am Arnelyn Torres.


These kids love the camera :)

Don't we all? Sir Bernini Gapuz also volunteered. But he liked it in the baking class kasi madami daw pagkain dito. Lahat kami dito nagsisiksikan. Pati si Tita Purita, join na rin :)

Our student assistants made pasta for our afternoon treat. It happened to be Ma'am Chato and Sir Arnold's birthday. Take note... Carlaine,Chai and Ana are no longer required to help but they came anyway because they miss our company.

The afternoon was capped by a little merienda treat for the administrators and our birthday celebrants.

Shane, another chika student of moi, made a short and lively lovely program for the afternoon. She came with the other beautiful STS staffers who made sure all our guests felt at home. God bless these kids.

Thank you, Sir Joey for helping us make this project possible. Sir Joey Cruz is the Director of the Office for Community Development of UST. He also helped us get funding for the construction of a water system for our partner community at Sitio Buok in Bamban, Tarlac. He's one of my favorite people in UST.

Sir Win, speaking in behalf of the Institute. Another one of my favorite people in school. Malapit na pareho birthday namin.

Our participants in the wait staff service course assisted our guests in the afternoon treat. They served pasta courtesy of HRMS, all sorts of susshyal breads (Baguette, French bread, garlic toasts, Focacia, etc.) and all suicidal dessert cookies and cakes made by our Baking Participants.

There's Asst. Prof. Marilyn Quintana, Asst. to the Director for Non-Formal Education. Thank you, ma'am Marlyn for all your sound advise.

Ma'am Mel, Ma'am Cecile, Ma'am Josie and Ma'am Vangie. The fairy godmothers of this project. Also in the pic is Kuya Puroy of OCD.