Friday, September 26, 2008


The CD Team still awaits the approval of the proposed Non-Formal Education program. It was already signed by ITHM Director Ma'am Cecile and ITHM Regent, Fr. Roy. The proposal was also approved by the OCD Director, Sir Joey Cruz. We are just waiting for the approval of Fr. Filemon Dela Cruz, O.P. I shall inform you as soon as I have the good news : )

Thank you STS and HRMS for agreeing to participate in this semester's NON-FORMAL EDUCATION PROGRAM OF THE INSTITUTE. Kindly formalize your intention by providing the OCD team the names of all your ORG members who will participate in the program. Again, I will be at the Faculty room Mondays to Fridays from 2PM to 3PM and at 7PM to 730PM to receive the your letters. Thank you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

OCD Team Meeting Agenda

Agenda for September 25 Meeting 1200 Noon

Accomplished Projects
-Final Transit Survey for Water System in Buok
-Seedling Distribution at Sitio Buok
-Retrieval of Ma'am Barja's Sewing Machines from Sitio Buok
-Ocular of Possible Community to adopt: Sitio Galilee
-La Mesa Eco Park Fund Raiser ( we participated a great deal)
-Profiling of Sitio Galilee
-Clean Up drive at Sitio Buok
-Drafting, Finalizing and Forwarding of proposals; Preparations for the non-formal Education (NFE) and water system

Approved Proposals:
-NFE Project
-Water System for Sitio Buok (YEHEY!)

Non-Formal Education of October 13-17

Commitee and Work Designation
-Promotion (STS and HRMS were tapped, but we will also recruit)
-Secretariat (esp. for applicants, may include screening)
-Logistics (materials, ingredients, food for the duration of the NFE, etc)
-Class set up (including laboratory)
-Staff to man the project
-Graduation (includes the logistics, separate)
-Documentation (Thank you, sir Arnold)

Other Concerns

STS and HRMS representatives for the NFE will join us. I also invited faculty members to volunteer. Please do not print this agenda anymore. I shall provide you copies during the meeting. See you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More on STS Clean UP Drive

STS Clean and Green Drive

The Student Tourism Society and the Community Development arm of the Institute visited Sitio Buok, Bamban Tarlac yesterday, September 23, 2008 for its Clean and Green Drive. This is in line with the STS' theme for this year's Tourism Week.

The STS and the Community Development team initiated a clean-up drive where about 27 Tourism students initiated a clean up drive where they picked up non-biodegradable wastes around the sitio from 11AM to 1PM. After the clean-up drive, the students also donated seedlings for backyard farming to its this aeta community through its community leader "Dulong". They then proceeded to interview some aeta residents of the community. Sitio Buok in Bamban Tarlac is the Institute's partner community.