Thursday, September 25, 2008

OCD Team Meeting Agenda

Agenda for September 25 Meeting 1200 Noon

Accomplished Projects
-Final Transit Survey for Water System in Buok
-Seedling Distribution at Sitio Buok
-Retrieval of Ma'am Barja's Sewing Machines from Sitio Buok
-Ocular of Possible Community to adopt: Sitio Galilee
-La Mesa Eco Park Fund Raiser ( we participated a great deal)
-Profiling of Sitio Galilee
-Clean Up drive at Sitio Buok
-Drafting, Finalizing and Forwarding of proposals; Preparations for the non-formal Education (NFE) and water system

Approved Proposals:
-NFE Project
-Water System for Sitio Buok (YEHEY!)

Non-Formal Education of October 13-17

Commitee and Work Designation
-Promotion (STS and HRMS were tapped, but we will also recruit)
-Secretariat (esp. for applicants, may include screening)
-Logistics (materials, ingredients, food for the duration of the NFE, etc)
-Class set up (including laboratory)
-Staff to man the project
-Graduation (includes the logistics, separate)
-Documentation (Thank you, sir Arnold)

Other Concerns

STS and HRMS representatives for the NFE will join us. I also invited faculty members to volunteer. Please do not print this agenda anymore. I shall provide you copies during the meeting. See you.

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