Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Photos 4th Day of NFE

The wait staff service participants switch classrooms with the baking participants. Kelangan daw ni Ma'am G ang kanyang bar :) for the bartending part of the course. Ma'am Chato proceeded to give her lecture at the food lab. At home siya dito.
Faculty volunteers for the day are Ms. Arnelyn Torres, Ms. Marella Ada Mancenido, Ms, Christine Cabigao and Ms. Regina Policarpio. Ms. Racquel Layco and I are mainstays.

For lunch, we just bought a barrel of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I also made everyone Carbonara with raw eggs, panchetta and pecorino. My way of thanking everyone for their support. Masaya kaming lahat.

Ma'am G dictates the concoction while the wait staff service participants take down notes.

Happy hour at 9AM!

In the afternoon, the baking class steamed siopao, fried doughnuts and empanaditas.

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