Tuesday, October 21, 2008


And now, you know why the bread of salt (a.k.a. the pandesal) is ... maalat alat .. :P ?!?
Our resident chemist, Ma'am Racquel Layco assisting the baking students with the weighing scale. Btw, thanks to Washington Flour for donating 27 aprons and 27 t-shirts for our 34 participants. (See how these aprons and shirts follow the pattern of the multiplication of bread--the following day, the aprons doubled as sack cloths so important for the french breads and baguettes!)
This is Ma'am Timbang's class. Not as action packed as Ma'am Chato's-- but later, you will see their transition. Day 1 pa lang ito.

There's Ana of HRMS. I like this girl. She's so chika with the participants. She also ran to Quiapo to buy last minute ingredients. So effy : )

Ma'am Chato started her lecture a little over past 9AM. Pinaka importante daw ito kasi may Math involved.

This one naman I think is the start of Asst. Prof. Vangie Timbang's class on wait staff service.
I think they are praying.

Baking participants at 8AM. By 9AM, this hall is going to be filled up. Ang dami pang dumating.

STS and HRMS manning the Registration table. These dedicated students were already at the venue at 7AM. And it is supposed to be the first day of their semestral break. I love these kids!

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