Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Photos DAY 2 NFE (Courtesy of Ana)

The second day of the NFE for the waitstaff service began with role playing. I wonder why Ma'am Timbang's ID holder shines. I want an ID string
just like that!
Sir Win and Atty G dropped by in the morning. Tita Purita is looking cool as always.
Father Roy also graced the class. He's so busy but finds time to join us.

These are the HRMS volunteers looking smart in their chef's uniform. They come before 8AM too to prepare the lab for the participants. They also assist the participants and Ma'am Chato whenever possible (which is most of the time.) They leave the food lab when everyone has left making sure the food lab is ready for the following day. (Chai, Carlaine, Ana and Jules)

I love Chai and Carlaine :) They took me shopping in Divisoria!.. on a Saturday!.. In OCTOBER! We braved the crowds of Sto. Cristo, the palengke-- wet market of Tabora and the cranky Chinese wholesalers of El Cano and we came back to UST in one piece.

Daisy Ho and Melody are my students in Philippine Lit. They are the busiest students around ( recently, their chocolate event, STRAMA defense, OJT hunt, etc) but they find time to volunteer to share their talents to our brothers and sisters in the community. They're also very pretty, deba?
This is me. I don't know what I am telling the participants in this shot. See the hand gesture? The drawback here is my huge bag! I can't put it down. It contains the NFE essentials (stapler, scotch tape, hand sanitizer, baking powder, star margarine, vetsin...)

I can see this guy working at Friday's. Very promising.

This is me and Sir Arnold playing the role Customers from hell! " Waiterrrr, I dropped my fork!"
Ms. Rose Gunobgunob also volunteered. I think she joined us for two days. Ang chika niya. She came with Sir. Robert Arenas and they stayed all day!

The participants' aprons doubled as sack cloth for the french bread and baguettes. Galing galing!

Hands-on, Ma'am Chato. Ma'am Chato is a TESDA Trainor. She has an extensive experience as an Industrial Baker. She's a gem :)

You see, it's not just our students and faculty who are into this project. Mang Pinong from the non-teaching staff was also there to support.

LOVELY!and the bread multiplied!

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